• 29th Nov 2019
  • news

Globe Business Park Business Improvement District (BID) is pleased to announce that businesses have voted strongly to support a second term for the BID.

For a BID to be successful at ballot, it needs to show a simple majority in favour by both number and aggregate rateable value and the results for Globe Business Park were 77% in favour by number of votes and 70% by rateable value.

This means that the BID will now continue for another five years, with the second period beginning in January 2020 and the BID can now consolidate its existing schemes and look to bring new initiatives and projects into the business park, as set out in its business plan.

BID Chair, Gareth Hughes, Procurement and Property Director at Whistl, said, “We are obviously delighted at the outcome of the ballot and are glad that businesses have seen the value of continuing to invest in improving their own businesses and the business park. We are pleased that businesses have seen the value of the partnerships that the BID has cultivated with Wycombe District Council and Buckinghamshire County Council and we look forward to delivering even greater returns on investment for our business community in the coming five years.”

BID Manager, Margaret McCarthy, added “What the BID has clearly demonstrated in its first term is that it has been able to deliver some straightforward projects in which businesses have seen value. At the same time a large number of bigger, strategic issues for the businesses park are being addressed. We are now confident that, with the backing of businesses, we can see some longer-term solutions delivered in the years to come.”