Groundwork South - Appointed Management Organisation for the GBP BID

Starting in January 2015 to December 2019 and working in partnership with GBP businesses, Groundwork bring its expertise to help overcome the problems facing the Business Park:

  • Poor highway and footpath maintenance
  • Lack of off street car parking
  • Nuisance car parking blocking roads and impeding delivery vehicles
  • Lack of sustainable transport options
  • No clear signage and way finding
  • Lack of connections between businesses
  • Making the trading environment more safe and secure.

Groundwork adds value to this project by acting as an independent facilitator, supporting all the businesses in achieving their common goals. To help achieve this, the BID project seeks to raise £600,250 over the next five years from the businesses on the Park, Wycombe District Council and from grants.

Each business, with a rateable value above £10,000, contributes an additional 1.25% of their rateable value towards the funding of the BID project. This generates around £110,250 a year (2015-2019).