The BID Steering Group aligned with BID Management have created a 10 point document (below) which defines what would constitute success for the project over the period between now and the end of 2019.

By definition some of the points (specifically No's 2,3,4,5 and 10) define goals that may be influenced by the BID project but cannot be undertaken/completed directly. It is entirely possible therefore that not every goal will be achieved. Nonetheless, we have aimed for perfection - nothing short of excellence will suffice.

1. Following on from the success of the initial BID project 80% of Globe Business Park businesses vote for an additional 5 year BID project starting in 2019.

2. Access and egress to and from Globe Business Park improves to a point where leaving the park from office to exit never takes longer than 10 minutes.

3. Parking is sufficient for all the normal daily needs of all businesses in occupation on the Business Park.

4. All methods to encourage non-auto related access have been implemented including cycle hubs, public transport, car share schemes and walking routes.

5. Additional leisure, services and retail provision, suitable for servicing the needs of the employees of the Park are provided.

6. A common brand is established and is well understood.

7. A website is established and maintained to high standards.

8. Recorded crime on the Business Park is very low. The BID project will work with the Police and Businesses to ensure it stays that way.

9. Globe Business Park presentation – signage, grass areas, planting, road and footpath surfaces are kept at established standards through contracts and service level agreements.

10. Create an 'in-demand' environment such that the rapid redevelopment by Landlords of empty plots occurs as a matter of course, and that thus, empty office blocks are effectively marketed and let to new tenants without undue delay.